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    Albany Keeler BMW


    A Capital District automotive fixture for since 1970, Keeler BMW offers a complete lineup of elite BMW vehicles and services for Central and Eastern New York, Vermont, Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. New and pre-owned BMWs are available for both sale or lease. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff have many years of experience and are committed to offering you a positive and unique shopping experience. We also have on the premises complete Service and Parts departments specifically for your BMW needs.

    Please feel free to browse our inventory, build your dream BMW, or contact us for what ever inquiry you may have. Whether it to schedule a test drive, ask about a specific model, or to schedule an appointment, we are here to help you.

    Located on Rte 7 in Latham, an Albany, NY suburb, Keeler BMW, a Keeler Motor Car Company, is your source for unparalled transportation needs.


    Sales ManagersJamison Frank
    jfrank@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 229

    Alan Litrell
    alitrell@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 143

    Pre-Owned Sales Manager Toby Oliver

    toliver@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 321

    Business ManagerJennifer DeSario

    jdesario@keeler.com518.785.4197 ext. 337

    Michael Maciariello

    mmaciariello@keeler.com518.785.4197 ext. 331

    Sales Staff Hank Bottieri

    hbottieri@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 336

    Bruce Gardner

    bgardner@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 345

    Art Knapp

    aknapp@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 325

    Joe Marcil

    jmarcil@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 368

    Donald Perillo

    dperillo@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 356

    Augie Prager
    aprager@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 334

    Riaz Yacob

    riazyacob@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 340
     Nick Yocono

    nyocono@keeler.com518.785.4197 ext. 335
     Ashley Zuchniewicz

    ashleyz@keeler.com518.785.4197 ext. 354

    BMW Geniuses Colin Gerwitz

    cgerwitz@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 339
     Sarah Hunter

    shunter@keeler.com518.785.4197 ext. 327
     Adam Marcil

    amarcil@keeler.com518.785.4197 ext. 324

    Service ManagerThomas Jess

    tjess@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 366

    Service AdvisorTom Buttacavoli
    tbuttacavoli@keeler.com518.785.4197 ext. 352

    Andrew Gorman

    agorman@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 363

    Darin Krupski

    dkrupski@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 351

    Ryan Myers

    rmyers@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 357

    Herb Wilson

    hwilson@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 365

    Service AppointmentsNick Kossman

    nkossman@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 328

    MaryLou Warriner

    mwarriner@keeler.com518.785.4197 ext. 326

    Parts ManagerIan O'Connor

    ioconnor@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 381

    Parts Shipper/Receiver Brian Hunter

    bhunter@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 390

    Parts SpecialistsAndrew Fairbank

    afairbank@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 353

    Fred Hodgens

    fhodgens@keeler.com 518.785.4197 ext. 382